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We welcome suggestions of churches who are within the vision laid out below.

Who We Are

Our mission is to create and maintain a public database of Anabaptist and similar churches from around the world who strive to live out the teachings of the New Testament. We endeavor to take the teachings of the New Testament seriously, intending to live and teach the doctrine and sound faith that was delivered to the apostles, as described in the New Testament. In general, we believe that churches today should believe and practice what was commonly believed and practiced by the New Testament church. To that end, Church Index humbly offers this database of churches.

Criteria for Inclusion

We restrict this list to include only churches that, to the best of our knowledge, are teaching and expecting the following:

Recognizing that we, as individual Christ-centered, Bible-based churches, are a part of the collective worldwide body of Christ, our index does not include any churches or groups that claim to be the true church at the exclusion of others listed in this database.

As this project progresses, we may edit these criteria for further clarity or add criteria that were unintentionally omitted.